May 03, 2016

Best Hydrating Mask and Cream: Alyssa Melendez

Best Hydrating Mask and Cream: Alyssa Melendez
"The exfoliating treatment mask made my skin so smooth and it didn’t dry it out at all. I can usually tell immediately after if my face is thirsting for oil or cream. It leaves my skin feeling very balanced. I sort of fell in love with the probiotic technology with this line. 


The hydrating day and night cream by TULA, is wonderful. I sort of swore off moisturizers and creams for a while and was only using dry oils, which have been working magic on my skin. This cream is seriously the only thing that compares and I have been oil free since I started my TULA regimen. Also, a little goes a long way with this product and it is going to last me a while. There is really nothing that irritates me more than buying beauty products that you have to purchase often."

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