May 05, 2016

This Month's Favorites: Jacy Lenore Overstreet

This Month's Favorites:  Jacy Lenore Overstreet

"I looooove their hydrating day and night cream. It's so silky and moisturizing and gives my skin the prettiest glow. I started off using it just at night, but I recently started using it in the morning too because it makes my makeup look airbrushed and glowy. I can't recommend it enough! I've been using the exfoliating mask once per week to get rid of dry skin, and I like that it does that without drying me out. I've also heard their cleanser and serum are great, and I really really want to try their eye cream. Even though I don't have undereye wrinkles yet, I swear by eye creams to help prevent wrinkles, and to keep that delicate skin from drying out."

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