Apr 20, 2016

My Favorite Face Masks: Grace Atwood

My Favorite Face Masks: Grace Atwood

"Tula’s Exfoliating Mask is magic this time of year. It exfoliates two ways.. first, chemically with lactic acid to gently peel away dirt, debris, and dead skin. It also exfoliates physically with Bentonite Clay + microencapsulated beads… they’ll slough off dead skin cells. I love this because it sort of does everything. I’ll wash my face and apply the mask for glowing, smooth skin.. no need to incorporate a face scrub into the mix, which is nice this time of year – my skin can get so dull and rough. All of the products contain healthy bacteria (Probiotics) which are incredible for sensitive skin – they really help to reduce redness and inflammation.

Read the full review on The Stripe.



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