Apr 05, 2016

TULA Skincare Review: Victoria Van Ness

TULA Skincare Review: Victoria Van Ness

"The Cleanser has quickly become my one-and-only. I use a pea-size amount on my Clarisonic, and my entire face of make-up is gone. It's amazing how much a little goes a long way. After using the Exfoliating Treatment Mask, my skin feels soft and smooth as ever, I'm never left feeling too dried-out. It also has little beads for exfoliation which I love because it leaves me feeling extra clean! It's a gentle mask, so I get to use it as much as 3 times a week. Irrelevant point, but the color of it is the coolest.

The Hydrating Day and Night Cream really gets deeps into my skin to provide great moisture. I like to apply just enough to cover my skin in the morning before applying my make-up, and lather it in at night before bed. I have thin skin (I know you're like, okay Victoria, we get it) I've said it a million times, it's my least favorite thing about my skin because I am so young. The great thing about this moisturizer is that it's supposed to diminish the look of fine lines after consistent use. I'm still using this cream everyday, and I can't wait to see the final results."

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