Apr 21, 2016

Skincare Brand You Should Know: Michele

Skincare Brand You Should Know: Michele

"I cannot say enough good things about this brand! I’ve raved about their products so much that I’ve swayed friends and family into purchasing some of my favorites.  I’ve been using the Purifying Face Cleanser almost every morning and evening with my Clarisonic and I think it’s a good base for any skincare regimen. I find that it really cleans my skin without over-drying it. The Illuminating Face Serum has to be one of my favorites. I apply this serum liberally every single morning and evening after I wash my face. It is so lightweight and makes my skin look refreshed and alive. It is a perfect base for makeup application and completely absorbs into the skin. Probably, my second favorite product, the Hydrating Day and Night Cream has worked wonders for my dry skin.I apply it most mornings and at bed time after the serum and any other face products I’ve used to seal them in and moisturize my skin."

Read the full review on Classic and Gray.



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