May 01, 2016

My Thoughts On the TULA Skincare Line: Beti

My Thoughts On the TULA Skincare Line: Beti

"The first step is the Tula Purifying Face Cleanser. It’s designed to remove makeup while deep cleansing the skin. It foams really well and doesn’t strip your skin so you don’t get that tight feeling after you wash your face. The Revitalizing Eye Cream helps with dark circles, hydration around the eye area and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. I find that the eye cream is not very greasy and I like that cause usually very heavy creams don’t go well with foundation. The eye cream hydrates my under eye area pretty well while reducing the puffiness in the morning.

After the eye cream I apply the Tula Illuminating Face Serum. Now this serum stole my heart. It’s very light on the skin, evens out my skin tone and adds a little glow to the face. It also manages to reduce the appearance of my pores. I feel that I can use this serum instead of my regular primers before I apply my foundation cause it gives me everything I want from a primer. The Tula Hydrating Day And Night Cream is designed to moisturize the skin and keep the firmness of the skin so it has anti-aging properties too. This cream is great for the winter months but probably too heavy for me in the summer months cause my skin gets pretty oily so I need something lighter. It moisturizes the skin but doesn’t leave your face greasy which I love."

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