Apr 05, 2016

Probiotics in Skincare: Anastasia

Probiotics in Skincare: Anastasia

"TULA Exfoliating Treatment Mask combines the power of both physical and chemical exfoliation to really address those oily patches and uneven skin texture. Little exfoliating beads contain Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, so this mask will even work for someone with dry skin. Beauty experts recommend bentonite clay for people with oily and combination skin, and kaolin for everybody else. This mask contains both, making it a universal purifying treatment for all skin types. This clear foaming cleanser has the perfect pH5.0 when mixed with water, so I had no worries whatsoever about the state of my acid mantle.I loved using this cleanser in conjunction with my pre-cleanse oil. It worked very well to clean up any greasy residue and leftover makeup, making my face feeling smooth, soft and petal fresh."

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