Apr 08, 2016

TULA Skincare: Amy and Hannah

TULA Skincare: Amy and Hannah

"With TULA products we can't get over how great the results are in such a short amount of time of using them! Plus, we didn't have to break the bank to try them out! What's different about TULA is that they use probiotics in their products. Yes, probiotics! We're talking about the same thing thats in foods like yogurt. Probiotics are actually very beneficial when applied topically to the skin because they help balance it from the inside out! The probiotic technology in each of their products also helps with wrinkle reduction, evening skin texture, hydration, and they reduce redness and inflammation.

And who doesn't need help with all of that?! We both have different skin types. Amy's face tends to be more oily, while Hannah's tends to be more dry. But the Tula products have helped us both and we've noticed our skin is more glowy and hydrated, without looking too greasy or oily!Our favorite duo is the Complexion Boost Duo because we've seen the greatest results with these two products so far!".

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