May 19, 2016

What My Skin is Loving: Dylana Lim Suarez

What My Skin is Loving: Dylana Lim Suarez

"I think I made the best decision for the life of my skin by choosing to try out Tula‘s new range of skincare products. My skin has never felt, looked and glowed better before as an adult!! it wasn’t until I started using Tula’s Exfoliating Treatment Mask that my skin began to show a major difference in texture and tone, which were my two main issues. Using this mask twice a week (or more sometimes depending on how much I partied the weekend prior. haha), made my skin feel 10 times smoother, more even toned all over, and far more blemish free. I even used it as a spot treatment overnight. Slowly, I’ve worked all of Tula’s products into my routine.

The Purifying Face Cleanser, the Illuminating Face Serum, and the most recent addition of the Hydrating Day & Night Cream (holy shit, this cream is the messiah of all face creams). I haven’t been this happy with my skin in a quite awhile. It feels like it has life again, and it even my friends and family noticed the difference, which really means the results are fab. I really recommend all your healthy skin lovers to give Tula a try! It’s ace."

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