Jul 20, 2017

Ask TULA: Do I need to use an eye serum and an eye cream?

Ask TULA: Do I need to use an eye serum and an eye cream?

Dear TULA,

My name's Talia, and I'd consider myself a loyal TULA customer. I love and use everything from the gel toner to the mist! Being such a fan, I always find myself recommending TULA to friends and family, but recently I was stumped when my older brother asked me, What's the difference between their eye cream and eye serum? Do you have to use both?

I realized that I really didn't know the difference. I've even gone on tula.com to see the purposes and descriptions of each product, but they kind of sound the same¦

Can anyone help clarify this for me?

Kind regards,


Hi Talia,

We're thrilled to hear that you're such a fan and hope to continue being apart of your skincare journey. As for your question, you're not alone. In fact, this is actually one of our top most frequently asked questions so we're glad that you asked.

The Multi Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum has a cooling applicator and includes ingredients like retinol and botanicals to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as caffeine for a fast de-puffing effect. Because of such ingredients and its weightless texture, this serum is recommended for day-time use, usually during your AM skincare routine since the product allows your eyes to feel and look more awake. Not only that, you can perfectly layer on other products like concealer!

As for the Revitalizing Eye Cream, it contains vitamin C to help reduce dark circles and serves to hydrate the delicate area of your eye's skin. Because it's such a rich formula, this cream is recommended for night-time use, usually during your PM skincare routine, but can also be paired with the serum for maximum effect. In this case, the serum should be applied before the eye cream.

Do you have to use both? That's up to you! But consider this: while the lightweight formula of a serum penetrates the skin more deeply to deliver its potent active to layers beneath the outermost layer of skin, it also evaporates more quickly. A thicker formula, like a cream, layered on top will help provide vital protection that doesn't evaporate as quickly and helps lock in all of the good actives of the serum. Using a serum and cream together will help increase the treatment potential of both!

Tula Skincare Products

Hope this helped, Talia! Feel free to contact us for any further inquiries. Until then, live beautifully, live balanced, live TULA.



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