Kefir Collection

Nourishing, gentle skincare powered by natural kefir extract.

Kefir ('keh-feer') is a fermented milk drink rich in probiotics, vitamins and minerals, and known for its immense health benefits. Kefir's ability to soothe the skin makes it a true moisturizing superstar. It transforms dry, irritated skin into a youthful complexion. We are the only brand to leverage the benefits of kefir to create the most rejuvenating products your skin has experienced.


Kefir originates from the North Caucasus Mountains of Russia. Dating back to the 1800s, women of the region were known for their agelessness and healthy glow. Their beauty secret was...kefir! Women put kefir on their faces to nourish, moisturize and soothe their skin. The results were immediate and long-lasting. This collection brings you the most unique and powerful probiotic strains found in kefir.

Kefir Collection
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