FAQ: Before & After Photos, FAQ

What TULA Acne-Fighting products do I have to use? 

We have a cleanser, gel, and spot treatment. In order to submit BEFORE & AFTER photos you can use any one of these, or the whole trio.

How will I know if I win the $250?

We’ll reach out with your e-gift prize using the email you give us in the entry form.

How long until I see results from your acne products? 

For the cleanser and gel, we recommend trying the products for one month to allow your skin enough time to adjust. For the spot treatment, users have seen results in as little as 24 hours to one week. Everyone's skin is unique and can react differently.

How are you choosing winners? 

Each month we’re randomly selecting from vetted and complete entries. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Can I do more than one submission?

Go for it. We love seeing your beautiful before, beautiful after faces.

I don’t know what skin type I am.

Email help@tula.com and one of our skin experts will talk it through with you.

How are you using these BEFORE & AFTER photos? 

This community outreach is a part of our efforts to show REAL faces and REAL skin across TULA’s platforms. The photos will also help TULA customers see how our Acne-Fighting products worked on others with their skin type. 

What TULA platforms may my photos be used on?

By submitting your photos you give us permission to potentially use them on TULA.com, our organic social media channels, and in marketing emails. Your full name and personal information will not be shared. Your self-reported skin type may be used in order to help customers see how our Acne-Fighting products worked on others with their skin type. 

Can I submit BEFORE & AFTER shots for other TULA products? 

Not yet, but stay tuned.

More questions? 

Email help@tula.com.

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